The goal for the DNS Prerequisite is that you have a domain name and you have the ability to manage the DNS records for the domain name. For multi-server portals, you will also need the ability to set up a load balancer for the portal.


  1. 1.
    Buy a domain name
  2. 2.
    Create an account where you can properly manage the DNS records and any required load balancing for the domain

Domain Name

If you are setting up a public webportal, you will need your own domain name for your webportal. If you are just setting up a single portal then this is really all you need.
One option for purchasing a domain name is through NameCheap. Search for a domain name you would like and follow the steps to purchase the domain name and step up your account.


NOTE: Currently, this documentation is set up to walk you through using AWS for your DNS management.
NOTE: You will get charges for your AWS usage. Even on our large portals, these charges have been minimal. Current rates as of Feb 2022, are $0.50 for a hosted zone and $0.40 per million queries. Most small portal operators will see less than $1 in AWS usage.

Account Creation

If you already have an AWS account you can skip this section, if not, continue on.
Head to aws.amazon.com and create an AWS account. You will want to create an account as a root user.