Discord Notifications
This assumes you have admin rights to a discord server to generate webhooks.
The Skynet Webportals are set up to send notifications to discord to report various checks on the portals. Discord notifications are controlled by the following fields in the .env file:
# Used for Discord notifications integration.


To get the webhook for DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL you will need to first go to the server settings of your discord server.
Then Click on Webhooks under Integrations.
Click on New Webhook and give it a name and select the channel that it will post to. Then copy the webhook url with the Copy Webhook URL button and paste it in your .env file.
You should start seeing messages populating in the channel.

Role Mention

If you want the messages to ping a role or user, such as @devops, you can use the DISCORD_ROLE_MENTION_ID.
Again, go to your server settings.
Click on roles, create a new role if you have none. Find the role you would like to mention in the message. Click on the 3 dot menu and copy their role ID with Copy ID and paste it into your .env file.
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