The Skynet Webportal is comprised of a number of dockerized services. Here are a few commands that are helpful for debugging and learning about the services.

Common Commands

docker ps

docker ps
Docker Documentation
docker ps will list all the containers.
docker ps
59d14b8da140 skynetlabs/malware-scanner:0.1.0 "malware-scanner" 4 days ago Up 4 days 4000/tcp malware-scanner
8ca25798298d skynetlabs/abuse-scanner:0.1.1 "abuse-scanner" 4 days ago Up 4 days abuse-scanner
f6e20a72ea1f skynetlabs/webportal-nginx:0.2.0 "/docker-entrypoint.…" 4 days ago Up 4 days>80/tcp, :::80->80/tcp,>443/tcp, :::443->443/tcp nginx
d947ab641191 jaegertracing/jaeger-agent:1.32.0 "/go/bin/agent-linux…" 4 days ago Up 4 days 5778/tcp, 5775/udp, 6831-6832/udp, 6831-6832/tcp jaeger-agent
91145048b4d6 skynetlabs/blocker:0.1.1 "blocker" 4 days ago Up 4 days 4000/tcp blocker
68dd9b651ec1 skynetlabs/pinner:0.3.1 "pinner" 4 days ago Up 4 days 4000/tcp pinner
2a86e124d77d skynetlabs/webportal-handshake-api:0.1.1 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 4 days ago Up 4 days 3100/tcp handshake-api
62a114f6ab93 skynetlabs/webportal-accounts-dashboard:1.1.1 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 4 days ago Up 4 days 9000/tcp dashboard
fca704ddacad skynetlabs/skynet-accounts:1.2.0 "skynet-accounts" 4 days ago Up 4 days 3000/tcp accounts
d89c32451b96 jaegertracing/jaeger-query:1.32.0 "/" 4 days ago Up 4 days>16686/tcp, 16687/tcp jaeger-query
4a24347ab8a2 jaegertracing/jaeger-collector:1.32.0 "/" 4 days ago Up 4 days 14250/tcp, 14268-14269/tcp jaeger-collector
24b0194c6e10 clamav/clamav:stable_base "/init" 4 days ago Up 4 days (healthy) 3310/tcp, 7357/tcp clamav
579e5677d5d1 "/bin/tini -- /usr/l…" 4 days ago Up 4 days>9200/tcp, 9300/tcp elasticsearch
4237cb4bff26 skynet-webportal_sia "./" 4 days ago Up 4 days 9980/tcp sia
305f3d955c50 skynetlabs/webportal-website-skynetlabs:0.2.0 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 4 days ago Up 4 days 9000/tcp website
4a56138e056e skynetlabs/webportal-dnslink-api:0.1.1 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 4 days ago Up 4 days 3100/tcp dnslink-api
312e88d1fa2f mongo:4.4.1 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 4 days ago Up 4 days>27017/tcp, :::27017->27017/tcp mongo
a764ac1ba15a skynetlabs/hsd:3.0.1 "hsd --chain-migrate…" 4 days ago Up 4 days 12037/tcp handshake
28cadf3ef110 certbot/dns-route53:v1.25.0 "sh /" 4 days ago Up 4 days 80/tcp, 443/tcp certbot
ba339cd1d0fd skynetlabs/webportal-health-check:0.1.3 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 4 days ago Up 4 days 3100/tcp health-check

docker logs

docker logs
Docker Documentation
docker logs fetches the logs for a container.
docker logs sia
Skynet daemon v1.6.0
Git Revision 13f27a4e6
MongoDB URI found - trying to connect to server at mongodb://mongo:27017
(1/7) Loading siad...
(2/7) Loading gateway...
(3/7) Loading consensus...
(4/7) Loading transaction pool...
(5/7) Loading wallet...
(6/7) Loading renter...
Setting download cache size to 53690000000
Setting min download cache hits to 3
Setting download cache hit period to 1h0m0s
(7/7) Loading accounting...
API is now available, synchronous startup completed in 26.987 seconds
Sia Wallet Password found, attempting to auto-unlock wallet
Auto-unlock successful.
Finished full setup in 29s

docker exec

docker exec allows you to run a command in a container.
docker exec mongo mongo
MongoDB shell version v4.4.1
connecting to: mongodb://
Implicit session: session { "id" : UUID("dkei329f-0fd8-9fd8-fd09-dj9kk39rf8h") }
MongoDB server version: 4.4.1

Further Reading

For more information about docker, check out the official documentation on the docker command line and docker-compose CLI.
Use the Docker command line
Docker Documentation
Overview of docker-compose CLI
Docker Documentation
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Common Commands
docker ps
docker logs
docker exec
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